A Word About Clearances

If you don't have a healthy dog with soundness of structure and temperament you don't have a dog. We refuse to compromise on this issue, and would never breed to a top winning dog that is inbred with hidden hereditary problems.

The Corbec program only breeds fine examples of the Golden Retriever family that have all of their clearances, to stud dogs of the same caliber. We out-cross for several generations before we come back and line-breed to our own lines. This keeps the gene pool as open as possible. Field dogs have one set of ancestors (lines) and show dogs have another. By out-crossing show lines to field lines we are insured of getting healthy pups.

All of the bitches as well as the stud dog have many generations of hip, eye and heart clearances. Not only that, many of the litter brothers and sisters of each of the dogs in our breeding program have been screened for hip/eye/heart problems and they are also certified as being free of hereditary defects.

In over 25 years of breeding Goldens and being involved in the breed at the show, obedience and field level, we have never had a pup develop a hereditary disease. Other than yearly shots, our dogs are only treated for an occasional injury.

As to other hereditary problems, we have not had cancer, skin problems allergies, thyroid problems digestive problems or any other hereditary problems in our lines.

We expect to get healthy, sound puppies of nice size and coat who are pretty and look like the classical Golden Retriever. Their colors should range from blond, gold to red. Since there is a mix of show, field and obedience lines in these pups there should be some quiet, mellow pups, some active pups, and some high energy, competition dogs or hunters.

See our "How to Read Titles and Pedigrees" page for more details on this subject.

All clearances and pedigrees will be provided upon request.