The Corbec Dog

Balance is the Hallmark of the Corbec Dog. Phyllis and Jim Walsh of Corbec Farms, Nineveh, New York pride themselves in their ability to breed a dog that is balanced in all areas of its development. They have been breeding and training Golden Retrievers for over 25 years and many of their dogs have obtained field and obedience titles. While they compete with their dogs, each dog used in the breeding program is a pet first and a competition dog second. Therefore, the following qualities they stress in their breeding program are those qualities that contribute to the development of a fine competitive athlete as well as a loyal family pet:

I. Balanced Structure

Corbec Goldens are bred to conform to the breed standard, which describes the ideal Golden. The Golden Retriever is in the Sporting Group and as such was bred to hunt in close proximity to its master, flush the bird, and then retrieve it to hand after it is shot. Form follows function, thus the Golden Retriever is a dog of moderate size; athletic and powerful. Moderation does not only include size and weight but also extends to size of head, length of body or leg, and length and density of coat. Blond or red, wavy or straight-coated, the only thing important about the coat is that the feathering is not too long and the undercoat is dense and weather and water-resistant.

The balanced Golden as determined by the Breed Standard has the same angulation in the shoulder and the hip so that the dog can move effortlessly over miles of ground during a day's hunt. For 25 years the Corbec Dog has demonstrated this ability. The Walshes refuse to compromise the athletic ability of the Golden, as they are committed to use the Breed Standard, the measure of a well-bred Golden.

II. Balanced Temperament

A dog with a balanced temperament is a dog that is stable and flexible (easy to live with).

The Corbec Dog has:

  • Enough INDEPENDENCE to rely on his own ability when you are not there to direct him - yet not so much that he disregards you.
  • Enough CONFIDENCE to feel secure in new situations - yet not so much that he challenges your authority.
  • Enough COURAGE to stand up to a challenge - yet not so much that he will be the aggressor.
  • Enough PREY-DRIVE to be playful or to become a good hunting dog - yet not so much that he will be "wired" and unable to conform to your wishes.

The Corbec Dog can be described as a gentle dog that is fun loving and easy to live with. He is "up" when you want to play; otherwise he is content to lie at your feet.

III. Balanced Pedigree

Corbec Dogs have generations of outstanding Show and Field Champions as well as obedience titled dogs in their Pedigree. This insures that each dog will be "correct" in structure, intelligent and athletic. Some Corbec Dogs will also be able to hunt or compete in Field Trials.

The Walshes have a breeding program with a long track record. This program incorporates the practice of alternately line-breeding, then out-crossing. They believe that the gene pool should be large enough to limit the possibility that recessive genes carrying hereditary defects are not passed on to the puppies from both the Sire and Dam. Because they have knowledge developed over years of experience the Walshes are aware of the common hereditary problems in many of the popular lines in the Golden pedigree today. These hereditary problems include Hip Displaysia, Cataracts, SAS, VWD and skin allergies. Since the Corbec Dog has a least three generations of clearances, the possibility of these problems cropping up in Corbec puppies is minimal.

The Walshes believe that a breeder's goal should be the selection of the "right" stud dog for a particular bitch, not the practice of many breeders which is to breed to the most popular stud dog. Because this is the standard that the Walshes live up to they consistently produce healthy, intelligent, good-looking, stable dogs.

IV. A Word about Kennel Management

Sleeping PuppiesAll of the Walsh dogs were raised in their home. The puppies are raised on-site where the husbandry meets the highest standard of cleanliness. Both mom and pups are fed premium feed in ample supply, producing nicely muscled, firm, round puppies. All puppies are socialized with children and each spends time in the kitchen during meal preparation and clean up.

Pups are observed constantly so that their strengths, weaknesses, and level of development are always being monitored. Placement includes helping the buyer define the job description the pup must fill - then picking the most suitable pup for the job.

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