Trademark of the Corbec Dog

The sport of purebred dogs is rapidly changing as it moves away from traditional practices. Breeding is an art as well as a science and this belief is the cornerstone of our breeding program. Only after years of experience working with Goldens would one be able to gain the knowledge necessary to put together two dogs who complement each other's attributes as well as reinforce each other's strengths and minimize each other's weaknesses through the generations of ancestors in their pedigrees. We persistently continue to breed using the breed standard of the Golden Retriever as the model for the conformation of this breed despite trends in the Breed Ring or the Field Trials. While we want to put Titles on our dogs as much as anyone we refuse to compromise our standards in order to achieve this goal.

The Corbec Dog is a result of a sound breeding program, which includes titled field dogs of outstanding performance bred to titled show dogs conforming to the Breed Standard. Many dogs sprinkled throughout the pedigree also have Obedience Titles. Only dogs from lines known for their health and freedom from hereditary defects are included in the pedigree and both parents of the litter must have at least 3 generations of clearances for hip dysplasia, eye problems and heart problems before being considered for breeding.

Special DeliveryWhen you acquire a Corbec Dog you get the following:

  • A healthy dog that has good looks and gentle temperament; that is intelligent, confident, athletic, adaptable to new situations, and has a good nose and functional coat.
  • Puppies, which are home raised and gently handled from birth. They are well socialized and exposed to children, noise and a variety of environments.
  • Puppies who are weighed and observed daily; have dew-claws removed; and are examined by a Veterinarian in order to screen out puppies with possible health problems. The puppies are wormed and receive the first series of immunizations from a Veterinarian.
  • Placement is based on the attributes the buyer identifies as important for the pet that will live in his home as a member of the family, (the dog's "Job Description"). The buyer will only pick from puppies that possess these attributes. All puppies are given the standardized Puppy Temperament Tests before the buyer makes his or her selection.

We only raise Golden Retrievers and usually have only have one litter on premises at a time so each puppy gets our undivided attention.

When you pick up your puppy you will get the following:

  • AKC Registration form
  • Health Certificate
  • Shot and Worming Record
  • 5 Generation Pedigree
  • Purchase of Sale Contract
  • A Contract of Sale that stipulates the conditions of the sale
  • Feeding and Housebreaking instructions
  • Copies of literature which will assist you in raising and training the puppy
  • Periodic updates on the care of the puppy mailed regularly throughout the year

Let us tell you something about ourselves:

Jim and PuppyWe have bred and competed with Golden Retrievers in Field and Obedience Trials as well as the Conformation Ring for over 25 years. We have been breeding Goldens for over 23 years and our current dogs have the original Corbec Dogs: Corey Lumberjack of Edgewood CDX, WCX, and Edgewood Starlight Rebecca CD, WCX behind them. Corey was also pointed in the conformation ring. Both Corey and Becky were outstanding specimens of the Breed and were very competitive in the Field and Obedience Ring.

We are Life members of The Garden State Golden Retriever Club and have been active in the club for over 25 years. During this time we held the following positions: -Program Chairmen -Delegate to the National Golden Retriever Club -Alternate to the New Jersey Dog Federation -Chair of the Code of Ethics Committee which recently developed the current Code of Ethics of the Club. Phyllis is currently the Field Editor for the Golden Retriever News, the magazine of the Golden Retriever Club of America. She not only edits the information about dogs that achieve field titles, she also writes training articles for the field and have a standing column in the magazine.

We are also or have been members of:

  • Swamp Dog Retriever Club
  • Del Bay Retriever Club
  • South Jersey Retriever Club
  • Central N.Y. Retriever Club
  • Southern N.Y. Schutzhund Club
  • Golden Retriever Club of New Jersey
  • Golden Retriever Club of America
  • Somerset County Dog Obedience Club
  • Central New York Golden Retriever Club

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